Learn How To Get Started In Property
And Generate Income Without...

Paying For Expensive Courses From Gurus!

Want to get started in property but can't afford to pay £3k for a property course?
Want somebody to support you every step of the way, but can't afford expensive mentors?
Want to know how you can increase your income and build a lucrative business via property?
Want to earn more money to quit the day job and have more free time on your hands?


  • GET STARTED: We show you how to set up your business (Step by step)
  • Bonus PDF Guide: You also get a PDF guide checklist to help you set-up!
  • Discover How to Generate Income: We share with you multiple ways to earn money in property and build cashflow to rival the day-job!
  • Property Deal Packaging: Bonus training with  the  entire A to Z steps on sourcing property deals to trade onto investors!
  • 17K In One Deal: Learn how I made £17k from just one deal I traded and what I learned by getting things wrong!

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WHO ARE WE? A Brief Introduction...

Property education is a murky world, populated with people selling training for ridiculous sums of money. My name is Paul and I co-founded the UK's first ever property sourcing franchise. 

We had 50+ offices around the UK when I exited the business. I also benefit from a wide variety of experience in the property sector having been an agent, sourcer, developer, investor and p2p platform creator.  

In 2019, I founded PSN Property Education, and decided if I was going to jump into education - I wanted to bring something else to the table! Too many people pay silly money for property courses that are sold in unethical ways.

What we do is VERY different to other property trainers and companies: 
  • Affordable Training For All Budgets: Our paid training is affordable no matter what your budget is. We now offer pay monthly options allowing people to spread the cost even further too! On average we are 90% less expensive than other similar courses. 
  • Lifetime Access: We give everybody lifetime access to the course content online. That means you can learn at your own pace and revisit content.
  • Genuine One to One Support: We are the only training in the UK to give people one to one support that last's forever (for one low cost).
  • Monthly & Daily Support: Members of our Property BaseCamp programme get a monthly one to one Zoom call to help them in their business wherever they need it. Nobody gives personalised mentorship ongoing forever like we do. (no group coaching).
  • Free Course Content Updates: We are continually updating and refreshing our course content and all updates are free forever. 

Contact me here: support@psnproperty.co.uk 

PSN Property Education 
Address: Office One, 1 Coldbath Square, Farringdon, London, EC1R 5HL
Email Us: support@psnproperty.co.uk 
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